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Thursday, November 22, 2007

BUY HERE PAY HERE ( $$ Saving interest rate tips $$ )

I did in house financing ( buy here pay here ) at my car lot. I do not recall a customer ever asking me how much the total finance charge would be. Most buy here pay here Independent Automobile dealers charge from 15 to 28% interest, with an average down payment from $500.00 to $1500 dollars with a two to four year payout depending on vehicle cost. Used car business slows down through the Holidays and dealers are hungry for a sale. Now is a great time to wheel and deal. If you can pay 50% or more down than they are asking you should get a better rate. Before you mention it ask the dealer to show you how much the total finance charge is, not weekly, or monthly, but the total interest rate cost on the vehicle you are getting a quote on. If they will not show you on paper walk out the door. When you see the finance cost you are ready to offer more down if you get a better rate. You will get a better rate at most buy here pay here lots. If the first dealer is not wheeling to deal shop around. When you get the rate lowered compare the before and after savings. You just saved hundreds of dollars on a four year note. Be sure to read all my posts for tips on saving and making money. Let me know how much my tips have worked for you.

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