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Monday, June 9, 2008


There are many ways to use less gas while driving your vehicle. Some may sound strange to you, but in today's high gas prices any savings should be helpful:
1) Make sure your engine is tuned up
2) Check your tire pressure monthly
3) Make sure brakes are adjusted properly "not holding slightly".
4) Less weight saves gas; "check in trunk and interior". Some people let
things accumulate. Only keep items that are needed for safety and tire change.
5) Keep vehicle clean; rinse mud and grime from underneath vehicle and fender
6) Wax at least twice a year; a slick surface cuts air better.
7) Do not rev engine or push gas pedal down further than needed for proper speed.
Ease gas pedal down when you accelerate.
8) Keep windows up and use a/c when traveling on interstate, or high speed highways.
Less wind drag will save gas.
9) Most important way to save gas is to travel only when you must. Cut back on pleasure

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