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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to read a car title

Before you buy any used vehicle, and you intend to pay cash, be sure to check the following on the title:
Make, model, year, type of body, cylinders, odometer, vin [vehicle identification number] you can verify vin by looking through windshield on drivers side on top of the dashboard.
Look on front of title and make sure it does not say Salvage or previous Salvage anywhere; unless you intend to purchase a Salvage vehicle.
Make sure the person you are dealing with is the owner on the title if you are buying from a consumer and his, or her, or both names, are typed on front of title by the state that issued the title, [only dealer can resale a vehicle without having a new title issued in dealer's name] and consumers must be the only owner name(s) on title.
Look right of the odometer reading to see 2 small boxes; #1 reads [The odometer reading stated is in excess of its mechanical limits]. That means the odometer was a 5 digit odometer that goes to 99999 miles then rolls over to 0 [ zero ] miles and starts going up from there if that box is checked . # 2 reads [The odometer reading is NOT the actual mileage]; it means the odometer doesn't work, or it has been replaced, if that box is checked.
Make sure all liens are released if you are paying for it in full.

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