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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


If you read my previous blogs you're ready to take the final step. First thing you need to do is be sure you have all the paperwork since the day you purchased the vehicle; including oil changes. If vehicle was used when you received it, keep all the previous paperwork too ( if you did not keep all the paperwork be sure on your next purchase you do; a good paper trail helps sale a vehicle). Do not trade in your vehicle, sell it yourself. Why you ask? Think for a minute, an automobile dealer needs to make a profit when they resale it. That's extra money you could have pocketed. Be sure you know what your vehicle is worth ( see my blogs about auto auctions ). If a dealer tells you they are allowing as much or more than you are asking, that should be a red flag. If a dealer is willing to take a loss on the trade they will make it up on the sale to you ( see my next blog on how to buy from an automobile dealer and save money). Sale your vehicle without leaving your house. Auto Trader on the web will let you scan a photo and list it on the web. Be sure you list all the extras ( add on's ). If you have all the paper trail be sure to note that. List it in auto trader magazine. Local newspaper classifieds is a good listing. If possible, park vehicle in high traffic area location. Print a detailed list of items on the vehicle that will help sale and increase profit. Tape it in window for consumers to read. If your vehicle drives out well and you followed all of my instructions from detailing to figuring vehicle worth, there's no reason your vehicle will not bring ( Top Dollar ).

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