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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


If your in the market for a used vehicle, yet do not know its history, you should be sure to check for water damage. Water damage is hard to detect unless you know where to look. Most of these vehicles are detailed to the max. Open the trunk, pull away the liner from the quarter panels, if you see a build up of dirt ( dried mud ) that looks like a water line make a note. Next look in the interior. Main place to look is under the dash, even though it's hard to get to, look for a build up of dirt ( dried mud ) on the wiring , or any place dirt would lay. If you see a build up make a note. When a vehicle is detailed the carpet is normally shampooed so that area is not reliable, though you should look and feel under the seats (under the bottom of the seats ); any dirt build up make a note. Look over the entire interior for a previous water line. IF YOU DETECT ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS I WOULD RESEARCH TITLE FROM THE DAY IT WAS PURCHASED NEW UNTIL NOW. With all the flooding in many states that could be a red flag, if an area that had floods showed up on the title, your research just saved you some ( MONEY ) .

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