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Saturday, December 1, 2007


In the old day's anyone could open a used car lot, no rules, no regulations; the sky was the limit. Because of that, today's used car dealer ( Independent Automobile Dealer ) does not get the same public approval as a new car dealer, even though the new car dealer is also selling used cars. Here are some facts I need to bring to your attention. I was an Independent automobile Dealer ( used car dealer ). To retail, or wholesale used cars I had to apply for a state license. To receive the license I had to first establish my place of business, have a sign made showing name and phone number of business, take a photo from highway of the lot, the building, and the sign. I had to be finger printed so the SBI ( State Bureau Of Investigation ) could do a background check on me. I had to apply for a State sales tax license. I was required to be bonded for ($ 20000.00 ) dollars. I had to carry commercial insurance. I had to attend a state regulated seminar in which all state and federal laws concerning used automobile sales and all other issues concerning used automobile sales were discussed. At the end of the seminar, I had to pass a test to receive a certified certificate. After all of this is done, I then had to submit everything to the State for a board to review before I received my state license to become a ( Used Automobile Dealer ). If you are lucky enough to be approved you then must apply for a ( master tag ). You must have a master tag for title work . Master tags are also needed with other documentation to register with auto auctions. Used Automobile Dealers can have their License pulled, they can be fined, and sometimes they can go to jail if they break certain rules and regulations. You do not know when a state board approved inspector will show up at your car lot to inspect your files, license, bond, insurance and automobiles. The inspector will leave you a report. Thank goodness I always received a good report. Every two years you have to renew your license. Again, you have to attend a state regulated seminar, pass the test, resubmit to the state your seminar certified, bond, insurance and apply for new master tags. As I told you, new car dealers sell used cars also. The funny thing is not once, and I repeat, not once, did I ever see a new car dealer at any state required seminar to sell used cars. Thus, THE USED CAR DEALER GET'S THE BUM RAP.

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