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Monday, December 3, 2007


The best way to keep your automobile from repossession is simple, do not get behind on payments. I know sometimes people fall on hard times. When this happens, stay in contact with the company or institution making your loan. Most establishments will work with you to help keep your automobile. If your efforts fail, and your automobile is about to be repossessed, check the law in your state. Some states do not honor repossession of a vehicle without going through the court system. The states that do allow repossession without going through the court system still have certain laws that apply. A vehicle cannot be repossessed if inside a closed fence, or parked in a garage with another personal vehicle blocking its exit. In my state, if you verbally tell the repo person you are not going to surrender the vehicle, legally they cannot take the vehicle at that time. The courts will determine the fate of your vehicle. Don't let the repo person use scare tactics; this is against the law.

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