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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Upside down is a word that can keep you in debt longer than normal, unless you are able to control your trading. What is upside down? Upside down means you trade in your vehicle before you have collateral ( owe less than trade in value ). I saw this all the time. A person would want to trade, but after putting the numbers together I would realize they still owed more than the trade was worth. I would always ask, what was wrong with their vehicle. Most of the time the response was, "nothing is wrong with it," I'm just wanting something different. Almost every time, I noticed the vehicle looked the same as it did the day they bought it, except for wear and tear. What I mean by that is they never changed the look. That's a way you control your trading. You can do as little as adding or changing pin stripe ( under twenty dollars gives your vehicle a different look ). Before the next upside down trade read my blogs ( CHANGE THE LOOKS ) and ( HOW TO DETAIL A VEHICLE ); you will be surprised and financially happier with the results. One more thing. After you apply those tips, and later when you have trade collateral, read my blog on HOW TO GET THE MOST FOR YOUR VEHICLE ). You just saved more money. Please let me and your friends know how much you saved.

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