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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Auto Auctions { Part 7, checking out vehicle before purchase }

Turn off the radio, cd player, dvd player. Now turn on the a/c, [air conditioner] check for coolness [if cool weather, make sure a/c clutch on a/c compressor is turning; if too cool inside to tell if a/c is cool, check all settings on fan; be sure they blow at each setting. Now vehicle should be warmed up, leave engine running and with vehicle in park, emergency brake on, turn on headlights and step outside; check headlights on bright and dim; check blinkers, brake lights, and all other exterior lights. Look in trunk to make sure it is in good shape; check spare tire. Check again for oil and water leaks [water may leak from a/c dryer which is normal].
Check exhaust for smoke [light grey smoke with moisture mixed in could be a cracked block; dark grey smoke with a burned oil smell could mean engine is burning oil -- either one of these is very costly, so beware]. Open hood, listen for a knocking sound and look for oil leaks on engine, check all hoses and belts [make sure they don't need replaced]. Check battery and battery post. Batteries have dates on them so check the age [the average battery last 3 to 4 years under normal usage]. Listen for pulley noise, listen for clutch noise on a/c; a proper running runs smooth with very little engine noise. MAKE NOTES IF ANY PROBLEMS WERE FOUND IN PART 6 or 7. NEXT IN PART 8, WHAT TO CHECK WHEN DRIVING VEHICLE [CHECK MY BLOG ON HOW TO DETERMINE WATER DAMAGE]

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