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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Auto Auctions { Part 12, How to bid and save money at the same time }

Remember these things, they are very important and will save you money if you follow closely. When your vehicle hits the block[ in front of auctioneer and ready to sale] you should have already checked out vehicle and know the price you are willing. You should stand where you can see the auctioneer at all times , listen closely to what he says about the vehicle also look at lights he will light.If title is there auctioneer will say title to go, If he says, comes with ride, a green light will light ,it gives a person 1 hour after purchase to check out vehicle if they have not yet, if they find something major wrong they can arbitrate [ someone from auction will check out complaint if it is true the bidder does not have to purchase vehicle, if he finds complaint to be wrong the bidder has to purchase vehicle. [that is the reason you should check out vehicle before sale begins] . If the auctioneer says title attached a blue light should come on [ means title is not there, the auction has 30 days to receive title and mail it to you, you must still pay for vehicle then, but auction will not deposit check until they receive title, if auction has not received title in 30 days from sale date your can return vehicle at no charge, they will hand you back what ever you paid at that time. If auctioneer says or you see a yellow light listen closely he will explain why it is on , it can be for many different reasons ,all yellow lights are sold as is [ which means you buy it you own it, all vehicles over 10 years old are sold under yellow , there my be nothing wrong with vehicle but law requires it to be sold under yellow]. vehicles sold exempt or over 100000 miles are sold under yellow, [ if you did not check this vehicle out completely I suggest you walk away and don't bid] don't be the first to bid, auctioneers normally fish to begin with[ act like someone has bid , or start out saying a high number] , look to see who the auctioneer is looking at and see if they really bid [ look close sometimes bidders my just blink eye ,wiggle a finger or just node there head, that is the way they bid], once you know they are bidding you can join in or wait until the end, the auctioneer will let you know when he or she is about close bid ,there is also floor people walking around trying to take your bid and they yell it to the auctioneer. I always watch the auctioneer , watch his or her eyes follow them to see who is bidding against me , make sure they are. I have watched people bid against themselves because they where not paying attention. If you get lost during the biding[are not sure where or what is going on], don't be scared to ask auctioneer. good luck and let me know how much you saved. GOOD IDEAL TO WATCH SOME BIDING BEFORE YOUR VEHICLE COMES TO THE BLOCK YOU WILL BE READY TO SAVE THOUSANDS

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