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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Auto Auctions { Part 9, test driving the vehicle }

While test driving check all gauges and look for mechanical warning lights . Gauges than show full read outs should be as follows: oil pressure should read 40 to 50 pounds of pressure on average,water coolent gauge should be around 200 degree's when engine is fully warmed up, battery gauge should read 14 amps or more. If everything checks out your ready to park vehicle, leave engine running, after parked get out, check for leaks ,check for smoke from exhaust, raise hood listen to engine[ make sure it is running smooth,no smoke from engine, no burnt oil smell, no engine leaks]. Now you can turn engine off. Check your notes, if all checked out ok you are ready for my next blog, if not, go to my blog about cost for repairs .

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