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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Continued from part 2 . # 13 On September 4th 2008, mileage on my BMW was 91810 per me. A/C compressor went out on my BMW. I called BMW dealer to get approximate cost for repair and was told anywhere from $1500.00 to $2000.00 dollars. Enough, I was not believing an automobile I paid so much for " COULD BE NOTHING BUT A LEMON". Even though my warranty was over long ago I called the North American BMW customer service department around 1:30 p.m. eastern standard time and spoke with a representative named DEE. I went over everything with DEE and told her I thought BMW was suppose to be a very high grade auto builder and I would never have purchased it if I had known a BMW couldn't make it to 100000 miles without spending over $ 10,000.00 dollars in repairs. I told her since this was a lemon, BMW should help with repairs. DEE said with the age of the car and the mileage there was nothing they could do. So I said, then are you telling me a BMW will not last 100000 miles because my BMW has a little over 91000 miles and I started paying for repairs when my BMW had 29746 miles on it ? I told DEE I drive a 1995 DODGE RAM 4x4, 5.9 liter short bed Pickup I purchased new and I gave less than $25,000.00 for it. It has 134000 miles on it, serviced regularly just like the BMW. I told DEE I have spent less than $1000.00 on repairs on my DODGE RAM PICKUP. I told her I could have purchased (2) DODGE RAM Pickups and had over $12000.00 in my pocket, ( NOT COUNTING FINANCE CHARGES ) for what I gave for the 1999, 528IA BMW. All readers need to remember that before you buy a BMW, you will save a lot by purchasing an American made auto over a BMW. I told DEE about my web site and that I just wanted to get BMW'S response before I wrote this so I would get everything right for this article. On Friday September 5th 2008, after I spoke with DEE at BMW, my wife let all the windows down after leaving work. When she got home, pulled into our garage ( by the way the garage has heat and A/C to help protect our automobiles ) THE LEFT REAR WINDOW WOULD NOT GO UP. We do not have children and I would bet that window has not been used twenty times since the car was new. # 14 Today, September 8th 2008, mileage on my BMW is 91814 miles, MARK'S AUTO GLASS; REPAIR ORDER, REPLACED REGULATOR; MY COST, $445.55 . Oh yeah, the cup holder in the rear is not working again.

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