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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vehicle Warranty Part 2 { read , remember and save -- it's that easy }

One of the first things I did after becoming an Independent Automobile Dealer was research warranty companies to see if it would be a good investment to offer warranties on the vehicles I sold. It was one of the smartest moves I had made at that point. The warranty not only made sales increase it made the customer happy, [even though the customer paid for the warranty] ,keep in mind automobile dealers get paid commission on warranty sales . Warranty company's have many different types of warranties it depends on, year of auto, mileage and in some cases , make and model. Prices vary depending on the warranty you select. Some of the warranties cover the power train [ which is basically all internally lubricated parts ]. Some of the warranties are just about as good as a new car manufactures warranty, covering power train and electrical . Some manufactor lubricants they expect you to use for them to honar the warranty. If you have a mechanical proplem they have a list of auto repair shops to take care of the problem. Be sure you follow there conditions and you should have no problem with getting your repairs taken, also make sure you undestand what is and what is not covered , [ do your homework ]

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