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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Auto auctions { Part 8, test driving the vehicle }

First thing to check are the brakes [ drive slow with window down apply brakes hard, listen for metal sound touching disk do this more than once, make sure vehicle does not pull to the right or left when applying brakes] . If brakes check out and brake pedal stays high after applying, it should be safe to test vehicle further [ if not safe test no further ] make note for future use. Next speed up just a little bit and turn steering wheel from right to left quickly [ make sure steering wheel does not have to much play in it, listen for noises in front end ] . Now drive straight, listen for strange sounds, make sure still goes straight when you release hands from steering wheel [ let go of wheel just for a second or two] make sure vehicle rides smooth [ no vibrations]. If your test drive vehicle is an automatic be sure you get up enough speed for transmission to shift through all gears smoothly, make sure reverse, 1, 2, 3, and overdrive [some vehicles have manual overdrive] work properly. If you are testing a four wheel drive put the vehicle in four wheel and test[ a good way is to get in gravel stop then push gas down a little stop get out you should have gravel slung in all four tire places if working proper] check in high and low range drives and pulls proper. Make sure odometer is working proper while you are driving [this is very important , the odometer has a lot do do in determining the selling price]. Continue in part 4 .

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