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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Auto Auctions { Part 6, How to check out the vehicle before purchase }

Be sure you have your used car guide . paper and pen with you. When you locate a vehicle you like your ready to check it out. First walk around it check the paint make sure all fenders, doors,hood , trunk and roof match also check for dents and scratches, open doors, hood, and trunk, check joints close make sure they Aline proper, you should be able to tell if vehicle has been painted over anywhere.[ if it has be sure to make a note]. Look at all tires [ check for wear, if all are same make] if wore bad and or different make be sure you make a note. Now look under vehicle [ check exhaust system for rust , under entire bottom for rust, check for oil or water leaks] oi any make a note. Now it's time to crank the vehicle and let it warm up, while it is warming up check out the following ,[all electrical, power windows, power door locks, power seats, in other words all power settings, power sun,moon roof, if convertible power up and down, radio , cassette, cd player, dvd player, good to have a cassette, cd, and dvd with you to test properly, check sound at all speakers, check navigation system if available, check all interior lights , check blinkers, horn, check for any lights saying repairs are needed , overhead lining, interior, seats , doors, console, dash, glove box , all mirrors, carpet, all rubber around doors,etc.

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