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Friday, March 2, 2012

HOW TO DETAIL A VEHICLE ... CAR ... ( the final touches )

By now you should know what needs touched up or repaired. Here are a few examples. If the paint needs touched up you can find the paint color number on the driver door post, firewall in engine compartment drivers side, or in the glove compartment. Automotive Paint Supply Dealers can make a bottle of touch up paint to match your paint. If you have chrome bumpers or any chrome , you can polish it with a chrome polish. If headliner is sagging you can replace or have it replaced. If you have vinyl or cloth seats with small holes or cracks you can purchase a patch kit, or have a professional patch or reupholstered. If the dash is an eye sore you can purchase an after market dash that fit's over the old dash. Sometimes replacing or adding a pin stripe helps improve the looks. If your headlights have a plastic cover that's getting cloudy, purchase a cleaner/polish made for clear plastic. Now your ready to wash the car again, follow details in part one. After dried, open doors, hood, and trunk, wipe the jams and door post. Clean the tires with hard brittle brush, soap and water. Wheels need to be cleaned with terry cloth towel or wash mitten, soap and water ( do not use strong cleanser on custom or any type of nice wheel). You can use a tooth brush on the hard to get to places. If the wheels are chrome, use chrome polish. Wipe the tires with a tire dressing, (most can be used on rubber molding, door, trunk, hood seals, vinyl seats, dash and panels). Clean exterior windows the same way as interior. You may want to place an air scent under seats, helps to sale. ............TO MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE NOTHING OUT, PRINT MY BLOGS ON HOW TO DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE. If selling, get oil changed, all other fluids topped off, and tire pressure checked. You're on your way to getting (TOP DOLLAR ).

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