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Friday, March 2, 2012

HOW TO DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE ( interior Part 1 )

( You can detail your interior to the maximum by following these instructions. Pick the items you want to detail for yourself ). If you have leather seats, use a cleaner/conditioner to clean the seats and all other leather interior. If you have cloth seats with stains or dirt build up, take them out . The seats can be sprayed with a multi-purphase degreaser cleanser, or you can purchase a cleaner made just for cleaning seats. Be sure to spray entire seat, this will keep spots from showing after seat has dried. After seats have soaked for about five minutes rinse them off with water hose, high pressure. Let seats dry in the sun or with fans before reinstalling. While seats are out you can clean the carpet. Vacuum the carpet, if extra dirty there are different options. Spray carpet with same cleaner used on seats, or cleaner made for carpet using a wet vac and low pressure water. Scrub stains with hard bristle brush to loosen dirt. Be sure if using wet vac, all water is vacuumed up. Leave doors open until carpet is dry. You can spray paint your carpet using a paint made for carpet ( make sure carpet is clean and dry before you paint ). Overhead liner can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. Do not rub liner hard it could come lose from foam attachment. Part 2 interior will be posted next.

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