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Friday, March 2, 2012


You have to be careful detailing the engine. Be sure none of the electrical gets wet. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use spray bottles. Empty spray bottles are available in many locations. If the engine and everything else under the hood has a build up of dirt, grease, and oil you need a degreaser. Fill one spray bottle with degreaser, one with water, one with water and soap mixture. If your real careful you can use the water hose ( low pressure unless you have done this before ). You can use old towels to clean with. Spray all grease and oil areas with degreaser. Let it soak for about 5 minutes ( IF DEGREASER GETS ON ANY OF THE EXTERIOR BODY PAINT OR GLASS RINSE OFF WITH WATER IMMEDIATELY ). Most of the areas can be cleaned with the soap and water mixture, and rinsed with water. By the time you get this far you should know what works best. Clean and wipe all areas under the hood, from the firewall all the way to the front grill . Clean under the hood, hood jams, fender jams, surface over grill. After all is rinsed wipe everything dry. You can leave it the way it is or take it a step further. Spray all rubber hoses with silicone. Touch up the engine paint, paint other areas with clear coat paint ( cover fenders and windshield to eliminate paint over spray ) If you paint on engine be sure to use engine paint. (IF THE ENGINE HAS CHROME OR CUSTOM SHOW PARTS CHECK WITH MANUFACTURER BEFORE USING DEGREASER )

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