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Friday, March 2, 2012

HOW TO DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE ( interior Part 3 )

The instrument panel and all electric items including console need to be handled carefully. Do not spray any liquid of any type directly on these items. If dusty, you can wipe with clean soft cloth, ( 100% cotton knitted cloth is nice ), the hard to get to places can be cleaned with a detail brush, ( or small art painting brush ). If these items need any cleaner applied, use a soap and water blend or a cleaner made just for cleaning those items. Spray cleaner directly to cloth and then wipe area. If you use soap and water wipe again with just water on cloth. Wipe all areas dry with clean, lent free, dry cloth. Follow these instructions on door panels, console, and the base of rear window, ( between rear seat and rear window ). Now is a good time to clean the interior windows, you can clean and wipe off over spray on dash and top of door panels after cleaning windows. Many window cleaners are available. If you have after market tinted windows do not use a cleaner with amonia in it. Clean with paper towels or lent free cloth. After windows, you're ready to clean dash and any over spray. Many protectant products are available to rub on all rubber, plastic and vinyl areas. They also give them a shinny look, so now is the time to apply them. On leather apply a cleaner/conditioner product. When finished with interior keep windows up, close doors. You're now ready to polish and wax. Details in my next blog.

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