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Friday, March 2, 2012

HOW TO DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE ... CAR ... ( polish and wax )

There are two way's to polish and wax a vehicle. You can hand rub, or for the best finish, buff. The type of polish you need is based on the condition of the paint and how much time you want to spend. If the paint has surface scratches that are just in the clear coat you need to start with a mild compound. ( If you are using a buffer for the first time read this carefully ). If your buffer has a speed setting turn it down until you are comfortable with it. When buffing over edges or dips on the body, move over fast and lightly or you will cause what is called paint burn, ( past the clear coat into the paint and possibly the metal ), you must keep buffer moving. If the paint is not scratched or real dull, you can polish with a cleaner/polish . Be sure to use the proper pad on the buffer for each application. You can get everything you need at an ( Automotive Paint Supplies Store or over the web. Wipe off the polish dust after polishing with a soft cloth like I referred to in my last blog. If you see swirl marks, you need to apply a product that removes swirls; you can find them on the web also. Purchase a good wax, paste or liquid. You can apply the wax by hand, it normally comes with a foam pad. Wax small sections at a time, ( follow the instructions on the back of all detail products ). Wipe off same as polish. The next blog I will give all the final detail instructions .

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