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Friday, March 2, 2012


You can purchase a soap made for washing vehicles at just about any Auto Parts Store, and Retail Stores that carry Auto Supplies. Some people even use a mild dish detergent . It's important the vehicle is not in direct contact with the sun ( so soap keeps from drying ). Use a soft washing cloth or mitten . It's nice to have another washing cloth just for the wheels and door jams . Wash the entire vehicle including door jams. Wash the fender wells because dirt sits on the inside edges. Now you should dry off vehicle. You can dry it off with a shimmy or terry cloth. If you see tar on the body you can purchase a tar cleaner from Auto Part Stores, or Retail Stores that carry Auto Supplies, ( you can also use lacquer paint thinner ). Wait until after you polish and wax to clean the glass, tires, and wheels, ( polish and wax dust will go every where ).

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