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Friday, March 2, 2012


A lot of people are thinking, why detail the trunk? If you want to sale the vehicle, it's very important in helping you get top dollar on the sale . First, take everything out of the trunk including the ( spare tire ). Make sure the spare is in good shape with proper air pressure. A lot of vehicles come with what dealers call a donut tire. If that's the case make sure it's in good condition . Check the jack, it needs to be in the proper place. If the vehicle is a late model and your running a set of matching tires in real good condition, but your spare is in poor shape, it would help the sale if you purchase a NEW TIRE that matches the set on it, same manufacturer same specifications. With everything out, vacuum the trunk, clean trunk jams, trunk lead, everything visible. Before you reinstall the spare tire spray, or

rub on a tire dressing. All Auto Part Stores and Retail Stores with Auto Supplies carry tire conditioning products. Wait about the rubber seals on the trunk until after the polish and wax, for now close the trunk.

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